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To keep Easifall play areas and sports surfaces in premium condition, Easifall has developed a range of maintenance products and repair service options for you. Planned cleaning or maintenance is the best way to keep your surfaces looking as good as new.

Easiwash surface cleaner

Easiwash surface cleaner is the most effective way to remove the build up of surface dirt or grime. Specially formulated to work with safety surfaces, it is environmentally safe, easy to apply and gives excellent results, even on the most stubborn areas.

Easifill repair kits

While Easifall play areas and sports surfaces are designed to be hardwearing, a determined vandal or other serious impact from plant machinery etc, may damage the hardwearing durable play surface. An Easifill repair kit is a DIY kit which can cost effectively repair small areas and restore their beauty. Easifill repair kits contain precise amount of rubber and resin to obtain the perfect repair. COSHH information is provided with each kit.


Use Easiaway graffiti removal solution on play areas, sports surfaces or equipment to remove graffiti. Spray paint can easily be removed without damaging the rubber crumb surface or binder within the specialist surface.


Easiflex works to bond or join rubber play area surfaces to concrete or timber edges, it can repair very old installations which may crack or split in places and it can even be used to repair splits in rubber equipment such as swings seats to provide hours more play.

In the unlikely event of any cracks or splits appearing in very old surfaces (this may work well with inferior competitor products which may be prone to cracking), Easiflex can seal and bond the area to provide a repair.

If you’re looking to bond together your rubber play area to and adjacent timber or concrete edge, Easiflex works perfectly.


Easimoss is a moss prevention spray treatment designed specifically to prevent the build up of moss or algae in installations which may be prone to moss or algae build up, for example when installed in a damp or shaded area.

Easimoss works by killing moss spores deep within the play area surface. Easimoss can also be used safely on wood, metal, glass or plastic – ideal for preventing moss or algae build up on playground equipment too.

Order Maintenance products

You can call Easifall to discuss your maintenance needs or for specialist advice.

Technical information about play areas and sports surfaces maintenance