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About Easifall play areas sports surfaces and sensory areas

Technical Information

There are numerous types of specialist play area and sports surfaces designed manufactured, supplied and installed by Easifall. For simplicity, the technical information in this section has been kept to a minimum, however further information is available upon request for clients looking to install a play area, sports area, MUGA or sensory surface.

Please refer to the surfacing overview page for in-depth technical details on our surfaces.

Colour range

All Easifall play area and sports safety surfaces are installed by competent in-house trained staff who have passed an examination prior to becoming an approved Easifall installer.

Easifall uses only the highest grade rubber. There are a number of patented processes in its manufacture which gives it the special Easifall quality which has become synonymous with quality in the UK.

At the time of publishing, the following colours are available, however the colour list is always being updated, so check to see if there are new colours when designing your project.

Easifall uses high grade quality filters which helps provide good mechanical properties. Because Easifall never use ragged or dusty granules, often found in cheaper competitor products, Easifall play areas and sports surfaces provide better adhesion and tensile strength.

Easifall rubber is processed to be clean cut and as dust free as possible, providing you with the best safe play area in the UK.

Easifall is very environmentally aware and has a corporate and social responsibility policy which means that the company is working towards a cleaner environment, using more environmentally friendly products and solvent-free products within its flooring surfaces. For example, Easifall's special binder formulation is used throughout the installation process and do not contain any solvents whatsoever, thereby minimising the impact upon the environment.

In depth information on toxicology, porosity and various other safety tests can be found by visiting the download section which also contains product data sheets.

An Easifall safety surface requires very little maintenance. To keep your installation looking and performing like new, choose an Easifall maintenance product.