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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is an Easifall play area safety surface and is it really safe?
A: The Easifall play area safety surface is a high grade multi-layered, multi-coloured, multi-purpose polymeric flooring system. It is a continuous surface, available in a range of colour options, with or without designs, patterns, game designs, logos, etc. The addition of other designs or colours does not affect the integrity of the surface. In terms of its safety, an Easifall play surface is designed to meet the latest safety standards BS EN 1176 - (1-7) : 1998 and BS EN 1177 : 1997 and is the premier choice for play area surfacing in the UK.

Q: Does Easifall provide play surfaces or sports surfaces in a range of colour or design options?
A: In addition to a standard range of colours for play areas or sports surfaces, a range of colour options, logos, patterns, game ideas, etc can be created - in a variety of colour options - see the colour options available for further information

Q: Can I have my own design or logo incorporated into the surface? Can I theme my area?
A: Yes, you can have your own design or logo included in the play surface, adding a superb finish to your new project.

Q: Does Easifall provide and install play equipment?
A: Yes, Easifall will advise you on the most suitable play equipment for your project and will supply playground equipment, fencing and other ancillary products. Easifall also supplies a wide range of specialist natural landscaping materials, timber and other products too, to meet the needs of your project. Products supplied meet the latest standards.

Q: How do I arrange a quotation for my project?
A: Please contact Easifall on 0161 973 0304 or fill in the contact form and a member of the team will contact you. All quotations are free and Easifall will even carry out a no obligation survey.

Q: Do I need Easifall surface underneath my play equipment?
A: Yes you do need an Easifall surface, this is stated within BSEN 1176 / 1177. A member of the team will determine the surfacing requirements for your existing or proposed equipment, based on your individual needs.

Q: Can I have an Easifall surface in my garden?
A: Yes. Please see the Easifall domestic product range or call 0161 973 0304 for more information.

Q: Does Easifall provide maintenance programmes?
A: Easifall's maintenance team is available for all planned or emergency maintenance repairs. There are a range of DIY options available for clients who wish to carry out their own maintenance or minor repairs. See our maintenance options for more details. Please bear in mind that Easifall play area surfaces are also guaranteed for five years.

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