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EasiSounds makes the ultimate sensory surfaces & sensory areas

EasiSounds combines an revolutionary sensory surface with Easifall's industry-leading safe flooring surface. EasiSounds is an all weather surface with built-in music or sound capabilities, with an unlimited number of sound effects or music options available.

The waterproof EasiSounds system can be installed as a self-contained sensory area or sensory garden, or integrated into an existing play area, school playground, children's nursery, garden or community park to provide a stimulus for learning & development or, for individuals who require additional stimuli, for example for residents of residential care homes with memory impairment or in school for children with special needs.

The EasiSounds system can be installed indoors (such as corridors or playrooms) or outdoors and is designed specifically to the architectural surroundings. Specialist sensory areas can be created to help with language development, for stimulating play or in applications such as theme parks, museums, zoos and safari park play areas, where EasiSounds can be adapted in design and supplied with sounds which are in keeping with the specific developments.

Just about any idea can be brought to life with an EasiSounds sensory area, from piano notes through to animal sounds. The sensory experience is activated by stepping onto a touch-sensitive pad, built into the play area suface, which activates a sound.

Because EasiSounds flooring surface is developed by Easifall, the sounds can be built into colourful areas containing game, shapes, animals, instruments - let your imagination run wild and install the only all weather sensory area with a built-in safety surface.

EasiSounds is the ultimate in sensory area experience, making it the ideal solution for schools, nurseries, community parks and residential care homes looking to develop a sensory area.

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