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As the UK's leading supplier of play areas, sports surfaces, MUGAs and sensory areas to schools, Easifall understands the needs and challenges involved in designing and installing the best solution for school play areas.

As a turnkey provider of specialist schools play areas and sports surfaces solutions Easifall understands what children want, the importance of safety and the needs of Ofsted and the National Curriculum. And, because Easifall is recognised for providing safe play surfaces, you're assured to receive the very best advice and guidance when developing your school play areas, sports area or sensory area.

Every Easifall school design is built on the industry's leading Easifall safe play surface, meaning that safety and quality will always be fundamental to your new design.

Play areas

With a long track record of developing school play areas, Easifall will theme your design so that it looks great when standing in the play area or viewed from above, such as from a window, passing bus or by the local community in their homes.

Games such as snakes and ladders, hopscotch or bespoke game area can be fully integrated into the continuous safe surface of your play area. Playground equipment can be provided in keeping with the colour schema or overall design, firmly keeping safety in mind for your school children. Ancillary equipment, for example benches, huts etc, can also be included in your school play area design and provided to specification by Easifall.

Sensory areas & special needs

The EasiSounds sensory area is a new development by Easifall and is the first all-weather sensory surface with built in sound effects and/or music. Because it's an Easifall product designed specifically for school sensory areas, EasiSounds also includes Easifall's safe surface, providing maximum stimulation and safety. See EasiSounds sensory surfaces for more information.

An EasiSounds sensory area can be created for school children of all ages including special needs children, where learning through stimulation may be especially important.

Sports surfaces and MUGAs

Easifall provides a complete design and install service for sports areas, including specialist surfaces for athletics, football, basketball, cricket or even for swimming pool areas. School sports surfaces are provided in a vast range of colour options, with synthetic grass and other specialist options designed to the needs of the school.

A full range of sports equipment for MUGAs including goals, nets, fencing etc is available for schools and in a number of specialist colour options to match the overall design.

For more information or to find out how Easifall can help in the development of your school play area or sports area, contact Easifall on 0161 973 0304.

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