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Pools - surfaces for swimming pool areas

Easifall's safe-for-all slip resistant rubber surface is ideal for indoor or outdoor pools or spas. With a huge colour range, Easifall pool surfaces provide instant drainage, have non-slip properties and can be designed to exact client shapes, designs or colour schemes.

Unlike traditional surfaces Easifall pool surfaces provide a safe environment for play around the pool area. Even in semi-wet areas such as changing areas, Easifall's slip resistant rubber surface provides better protection against falls.

With an impressive range of clients and case studies, Easifall's rubber safety surfacing is designed specifically for wet areas. Indoor our outdoor poolsides, pathways around pools or water features or even public art water features can be safely open to the public when using an Easifall slip-resistant pool or wet safety surface.

The range of slip resistant rubber surfaces manufactured and installed by Easifall can be designed using complex colour schemes, patterns, logos - pretty much whatever design you want. And, for special projects, you can even have your own sensory area around your pool or water feature, adding music or sound effects to an existing poolside or to new public art features.

For further information and to see why Easifall is the UK's leading designer of wet surfaces with integrated safety or sensory features, call Easifall now on 0161 973 0304.

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