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Playgrounds - making play areas safe with Easifall

Easifall provides a complete design and installation solution for schools looking to install new concept playgrounds, outdoor classrooms and sensory areas. Easifall team of educational specialist designers design school playgrounds with fun, safety and play experience at the heart of the design, whilst helping schools comply with any Ofsted or National Curriculum requirements in order to comply with current regulatory standards.

Because Easifall is the UK's leading provider of innovative school playgrounds and play areas, your children will benefit from Easifall's experience of developing playgrounds and play areas, whatever the complexity of the brief. And, because Easifall is the only school play area provider capable of installing and integrating sensory surfaces within the playground or play area, your children will have a much improved play experience, in the knowledge that they are playing on a Easifall surface - recognised by the industry as being pioneers in innovation and most important, safety for all.

Easifall will work in partnership with you or your architect in developing a themed design for your playground or play area, providing games areas, sensory areas with sounds built-into the flooring surface, playground equipment, fencing and ancillary equipment to ensure that your school is at the forefront of fun, learning and safety in the playground. For details about sensory surfaces or playground equipment, please see the specialist sections on this website.

For schools sports surfaces, sports areas, MUGAs and swimming pool area surfaces, see the school sports surfaces section.

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